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Saving for the apartment is rewarded

The state wants to support even more people to acquire their own four walls. The home construction premium for building society savings contracts and also the income limits have been raised significantly.

From January 2021, the home construction premiums for building loan and savings contracts will amount to 10% of the maximum subsidized annual savings of € 700 for single people or € 1,400 for married couples.

Thus single people get max. 70 € and married couples max. 140 € p.a. housing premium.

The income limits have also been raised to € 35,000 for single persons and € 70,000 for married couples assessed together.

Families with several children, in particular, can benefit from home construction premiums even with higher gross incomes (possibly just over € 100,000).

Building society savings single married couples 2
Income limit in €1 35.000 70.000
Funded savings in € 700 1.400
Housing premium in % 10 10
Maximum premium p.a. in € 70 140
1 Taxable Income
2 married couples assessed together


Please read the detailed article in Finanztest 4/2020, which is unfortunately in German.


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