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INSURANCE – Protection for Property Owners


Damage such as fire or broken water pipe or unexpected work disability or incapacity to work can quickly transform the joy of the new property into a nightmare. It is even worse if the main earner dies and there is still a large remaining debt to be paid.

With the completion of necessary insurances of property, owners can protect themselves from the most important existential threat risks and damage.

Which insurance policies are necessary and / or recommended depend on the general conditions of your property.

Basic protection for property owners includes:




A must for every owner! The connected residential building insurance is a special form of building insurance and protects the building owner against risks that result from fire, storm / hail and pipe water damage. These are the so-called insured dangers. The object of insurance is the residential building without movable property (insured property). If your property is in a risk area, you should add protection against possible natural hazards to your buildings insurance.

It serves solely as financial security for the death. If the insured person dies within the term of the contract, the sum insured agreed at the time the contract was concluded will be paid to the surviving dependents or beneficiaries. A model in which the sum insured falls in step with the remaining debt of the loan agreement is suitable for securing construction financing. Even unmarried couples can protect each other. In this case, both partners need their own contract.

The profession secures the income and thus the pleasant living. One in four working people will leave their professional life early today. Every year around 400,000 insured persons in Germany apply for a disability pension.

Anyone who cares about their belongings should protect them with a high-value household insurance. Because in the event of loss or damage, it replaces the replacement value of the furnishings, valuables and everyday items.

When building a house, the following insurance policies are important:


The building contractor’s liability insurance offers insurance protection against legal liability claims due to the violation of traffic safety obligations (e.g. poor signage, poor lighting) when carrying out your own construction projects. If possible, it should be completed before construction begins.

The construction service insurance is a good addition to the building owner’s liability insurance. It pays if unforeseen damage occurs on your construction site – for example due to severe weather conditions, construction or material defects as well as vandalism. You can also insure materials against theft, but only if they are already permanently installed.

The following insurance policies are also useful and may be important:


Millions of disputes, most of which are related to housing, are brought to German local courts. Many facts have to be then clarified in court. With the housing and property legal protection, you protect yourself against the process costs.

The fortune needed to realize your own four walls is considerable. It is all the more important to avoid problems when building a house. With this insurance you can protect yourself against court costs such as securing experts, lawyers, witnesses, etc.

Rental income forms a significant part of real estate financing. Loss of rental income or vandalism of the property or unexpected costs can lead to considerable problems. The loss of rent insurance can help.

With photovoltaic systems, it is possible to generate and use your own energy. With a photovoltaic system, energy can be generated on average for 20 years and longer. It is therefore the more important to fully protect yourself against third-party and property damage.

House and property owners have a special traffic safety obligation and can be held liable for damage caused to a third party by the violation of these obligations.

Rent increases, deposits or repairs due are the most common issues in which disputes arise between tenant and landlord. In the event of a legal dispute, the landlord legal protection insurance will help you to protect yourself against the considerable costs.

It protects the private policyholder and his family, including any domestic workers, from third-party claims within the agreed coverage amounts.

The following insurance policies are also useful and may be important:

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Auch folgende Versicherungen sind sinnvoll und ggf. wichtig:

Sie ist wichtig für fast alle. Die gesetzliche Unfallversicherung ist niedrig und der Schutz ist beschränkt. Gerade für Kinder ist sie besonders wichtig.

Das Vermögen, welches für die Realisierung der eigenen vier Wände gebraucht wird, ist beträchtlich. Umso wichtiger ist es, Probleme beim Hausbau zu vermeiden. Gegen die Kosten, welche Ihnen im Zusammenhang mit Verfahren entstehen, wie z. B. Gutachter, Rechtsanwalt, Zeugen, etc. können Sie sich absichern.

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