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With an instalment loan, you can finance your new car, the renovation work in your apartment, a special gift, the vacation briefly your wish or the conversion of an expensive loan. You will receive an agreed sum from the lender, which is to be paid back in fixed instalments within a specified period. The instalment consists of a repayment component, interest rate and any costs incurred.

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It is essential to determine your needs correctly in an initial consultation so that we can find the right offer for you. It is important what you need an instalment loan for and what your financial situation is like. It depends on what you need an instalment loan for and what financial conditions you bring with you.

For example, it can play an important role whether you want to finance a new car or the renovation of your condominium, or whether you have a temporary work contract or are still in the trial period. All of this personal information can be useful in providing you with successful advice and in finding the best possible financing for you. Because if important information is not communicated, the applications are usually rejected.

After the initial discussion with you, we will carry out a comparison among financial institutions. Taking your personal data into account, we will select one or more financial institutions, whose offers and conditions we will discuss with you in order to select the right financial institution.

We are your personal and independent advisor and support you in your search for the right lender with the best suitable interest rates and conditions among many financial partners. Even after the loan has been paid out, we will remain your reliable advisor if your life situation changes.

The Advantages of Instalment Loan Financing with us                                                         

  • A comparison of instalment loans: We compare the conditions of many supraregional and regional financial institutions, taking your particular situation into account.
  • Better conditions: A modernization measure for your own apartment / house or car purchase can lead to more favorable conditions. We make sure that you get the best interest rates and conditions that match your desired installment loan.
  • Special situations: We can also find financial institutions that finance installment credit in the following special situations: probationary period, with fixed-term employment, with heavy debt, no proper account management and similar situations. It may be worth talking to us.
  • Experience: We have many years of experience and we know what financial institutions look for when granting a loan in order to approve a loan.
  • Objective and independent advice: We are your independent advisor who objectively looks for the right lender within the framework of your financing relationships and data of the desired loan.
  • Transparency: We discuss the results of our market analysis, which we carry out taking into account your wishes and financing conditions, openly and in detail with you in order to find the best financing.
  • Schufa neutral: Our credit inquiries have no influence on your Schufa score.
  • Serious: We vouch with our names and you will find all the important data about us in the imprint so that you can contact us.
  • Data protection: Your data will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the applicable data protection guidelines and laws.
  • Free advice: The financing partner bears the costs of our advice.
  • Follow-up care: If your life situation changes, we are at your side.


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