CALCULATORS & TOOLS & Lexicon of real estate financing

We apologize for the tools & calculators & lexicon on this side, because they are in German language.

Please contact us so we can assist you in understanding and using all the tools & calculators.

Here you will find many calculators that should make it easily possible for you to calculate your real estate financing yourself simply and compare offers. With just a few entries and clicks, you can find out among others, whether your dream property can be financed. We recommend that you calculate conservatively and provide enough buffers for surprises.

Please do not forget that the best computer cannot replace a consultation and cannot correctly map your framework and needs. Talk to us in good time. We are happy to accompany and advise you professionally.

Personal calculator*

You can use this calculator to calculate possible conditions for your desired property with just a few data.

You will receive more detailed information by filling out the following page and sending it to us.

Purchase / rental calculator*

Compare your rental expenses with the financing of your own apartment. Is it better to live for rent or to finance your own four walls so that you can later live rent-free and build up assets?

Notary & land register calculator*

Calculate which notary and land register costs as well as real estate transfer tax can be incurred when buying or building your own property.

Budget calculator* (what can you afford?)

With a few details, you can calculate yourself what financal framework you may have to buy a property.

Repayment and instalment simulation

You can carry out a simulation or a non-binding calculation here. The results do not represent financing proposals. Future interest rate developments cannot be derived from the past.


Interest rate chart*

Historical development of the average interest rate over the last 10 years

Real estate finance lexicon

In this lexicon (in German), you can find the meanings of most common terms in real estate finance mean.

* Please apologize for the German tools & calculators & lexicon and don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assist you in understanding and using all the tools & calculators.

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