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Asset Consulting

Asset consulting is a matter of trust. First of all, you have to take courage and dare to seek detailed advice from an expert.

It is usually difficult to take the first step. Those who continue to trust their savings book or the traditional deposit at the house bank can experience unpleasant surprises. Some savings books have almost no interest at all, or worse, negative interest rates. Some classic depots are charged with enormous costs. This way, your assets can melt away from year to year unnoticed.

It is not that difficult to define financial goals and achieve them. We advise you in order to be financially successful together.

Our approach

Asset analysis & Investment profile

Together we go through your current situation, environment, assets, your wishes and goals

Independent market analysis

Our aim is to find the right products for you based on the assessment of your asset analysis and your investment profile. We usually propose several alternatives for how you can build up, secure your assets, and take into account the need for pension provision and the possibility of acquiring real estate.

Individual advice

We discuss the results of our market analysis with you personally. Together we will develop an asset concept that meets your wishes and ideas.

Implementation of your wealth concept

Systematically we implement the agreed wealth concept.

Long-term partnership

Your life and the financial world is subject to change. We accompany you and take care of your wealth concept permanently.

Advantages of our advice

It is our goal, taking into account your wishes and goals, to invest your money in such a way that your assets increase above average.

  • Objective and independent advice: We are your independent consultant who objectively offers you the suitably investments according to your wishes.
  • Consulting fees: Either we earn our money from agency commissions, which we make transparent to you, or we agree a consulting fee instead. Our offers are subject to change, free of charge and non-binding until we sign an agreement.
  • Optimal conditions: We optimize the bank and custody account conditions in consultation with you.
  • Comprehensive market comparison: According to your specifications, we analyse the market for suitable and profit-optimized products.
  • Personal & holistic: We take the time to record your wishes and needs personally, to find tailor-made solutions and to provide you with the best possible support in all questions and requirements.
  • Transparency: We discuss the results of our market analysis, which we carry out taking into account your wishes and financial objectives, openly and in detail with you in order to find the best investment opportunities.
  • Experience: We have many decades of experience and do our best to increase your assets,
  • One contact person: We are your financial experts for as long as you want and beyond.
  • Data protection: We treat your data confidentially and in accordance with the applicable data protection guidelines and laws.


You will find the checklists below
for successful asset consultation

Important note: We are legally obliged to obtain detailed information from you about your financial situation so that we can offer you a suitable investment strategy. Of course, we meet all legal requirements and guidelines on data protection.

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