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Real estate financing from a pro:

We accompany you from your inquiry to the loan payment and beyond…



Via phone, online, contact sheet or with an appointment


Together with you, we select the most optimal lender from more than 400 financial partners


We submit your financial application with complete documents for you


In just a few days you   have your mortgage commitment 



The mortgage will be paid out in accordance with your contract 



Do you want to build a single-family or multi-family house, buy a house or a condominium or are you looking for a follow-up financing for your property? We are at your side so that you can realize your dream with the right financing and secure your pension at the same time.

We accompany you in the entire phase of financing, from personal and independent advice, the joint selection of the right lender from our more than 400 financial partners to the complete payment of the loan and ensure you the best interest and conditions.

You can do a quick personal calculation yourself below. We recommend you to take advantage of our free, non-binding advice in good time in order to benefit from our experience and to avoid possible risks.

Persönliche Beratung | wir finden Ihre Baufinanzierung

è The benefits of real estate financing with us

We are your independent consultant who objectively searches for the right lender within the scope of your financing requirements and data of the desired property.

With our advice you get the best interest and conditions suitable for your desired property.

Zu unseren Finanzierungspartnern gehören mehr als 400 Banken, Wir vergleichen die Konditionen von mehr als 400 Finanzinstituten, berücksichtigen die regionalen und KFW-Förderprogramme, mögliche Sonderkonditionen und regionale Besonderheiten.

We take the time to personally understand your wishes and needs, to find tailor-made solutions and to provide you with the best possible support in all questions.

The results of our market analysis, which we carry out taking your wishes and financing requirements into account, we discuss openly and in detail with you in order to find the best funding.

Our credit inquiries have no influence on your Schufa score.

We have many years of experience and we know what financial institutions look for in order to approve a loan.

We are your experts for the entire financing period, disbursement and beyond. 

We treat your data confidentially and in accordance with the applicable data protection guidelines and laws.

The cost of our advice is borne by the financing partner.

If everything is suitable for financing your desired property, we will provide you with a financing pass (depending on the financial institution). This increases the possibility of receiving the contract quickly.

Which financial institutions do we work with?

Our market analysis for you currently includes more than 400 banks,
savings banks, insurance companies and building societies.


Here is a selection of our financing partners:


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